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Web Widget

Integration guide

Insert this where you want to see the widget:

<script name="wistory" src="" async></script>

or you can init the widget manually:

    <div id="widget-container"></div>
        const companyToken = 'YOUR_COMPANY_TOKEN';           
        const container = document.getElementById('widget-container');

        const script = document.createElement('script');
        script.src = '';

        script.onload = () => {
            new window.wistory.Wistory({
                target: container,
                props: {
                    company: companyToken



Props Options Default Description
titlePlacement inbox, bottom inbox Position of titles in the list of stories
variant square, round square View of the list of preview stories
token string - If you need your own user token

Target events

  • window.wistory.startEvent(eventId)

Start target event

  • window.wistory.stopEvent(eventId)

Stop target event